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Project Management Fundamentals course

Objectives the course:

• Understand the fundamental principles and concepts of project management
• Learn how to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and close a project
• Develop skills in project scheduling, budgeting, and resource management
• Gain knowledge in risk management, stakeholder management, and communication management
• Learn how to lead and manage project teams effectively

Outputs of Project Management Fundamentals course:

• A comprehensive understanding of project management concepts, tools, and techniques
• Practical skills in project planning, scheduling, and budgeting
• Knowledge of project management best practices and methodologies
• The ability to manage project risks, stakeholders, and communications effectively
• A certificate of completion

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for individuals who are new to project management or looking to enhance their project management skills. It is suitable for:
• Project managers
• Team leaders
• Business analysts
• Product managers
• Project coordinators
• Anyone involved in project management or interested in pursuing a career in project management.

Outline for the 5-Day Training Course:

Day 1: Introduction to Project Management

• Definition of project management
• Key concepts and principles of project management
• The project life cycle and phases
• The role of the project manager
• Project stakeholders and their interests

Day 2: Project Initiation and Planning

• Project initiation process
• Project charter and scope statement
• Project planning process
• Work breakdown structure (WBS)
• Project scheduling and Gantt charts

Day 3: Project Execution and Control

• Project execution process
• Project team management and leadership
• Project monitoring and control
• Change management and scope creep
• Project risk management

Day 4: Project Communication and Stakeholder Management

• Project communication management
• Stakeholder identification and analysis
• Stakeholder engagement and communication strategies
• Conflict management and resolution

Day 5: Project Closing and Best Practices

• Project closing process
• Lessons learned and project evaluation
• Project management best practices and methodologies
• Professional development in project management

Note: The training course can be customized based on the specific needs and requirements of the participants.


  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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