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  • Paris

This comprehensive “Project Management: Life Cycle and Project Planning” 5-day course takes place in Paris and is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and manage projects from inception to completion.

Throughout the course, you will gain insights into various project life cycle stages, project planning techniques, and best practices to ensure your projects are completed on time, within budget, and meet stakeholder expectations.


Upon completion of this  course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the different stages of the project life cycle.
  2. Develop and implement effective project planning strategies.
  3. Utilize various project management methodologies and tools.
  4. Effectively manage project risks, resources, and stakeholders.
  5. Apply learned techniques to real-world project scenarios for improved project outcomes.

The objectives of the “Project Management: Life Cycle and Project Planning” course are to:

  1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of project life cycle stages and their importance.
  2. Equip participants with practical project planning tools and techniques.
  3. Enhance participants’ abilities to manage project resources, risks, and stakeholders.
  4. Develop participants’ skills in effective project communication and monitoring.
  5. Improve overall project success rates through the application of learned concepts and techniques.

Who Should Attend:

The “Project Management: Life Cycle and Project Planning” course is ideal for:

  1. Project managers and team leaders looking to improve their project planning and life cycle management skills.
  2. Professionals involved in project planning, implementation, and control.
  3. Individuals aspiring to enter the project management field.
  4. Senior managers and executives who oversee project portfolios and want to ensure effective project planning and life cycle management within their organizations.

5-Day Course Outline:

Day 1 – Introduction to Project Life Cycle and Project Planning

  1. Introduction to project management and the project life cycle
  2. Project initiation and project charter development
  3. Project management methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, etc.)
  4. Project planning essentials
  5. Defining project scope and objectives

Day 2 – Project Planning: Work Breakdown Structure and Scheduling

  1. Creating a work breakdown structure (WBS)
  2. Estimating project duration, resources, and costs
  3. Developing a project schedule using Gantt charts and critical path analysis
  4. Resource allocation and leveling
  5. Project baselines and performance measurement

Day 3 – Risk Management and Quality Assurance

  1. Risk identification and assessment
  2. Developing a risk management plan
  3. Quality management principles and techniques
  4. Quality assurance and control processes
  5. Integrating risk and quality management into project planning

Day 4 – Project Execution and Monitoring

  1. Project execution and monitoring techniques
  2. Earned value management (EVM) and performance measurement
  3. Managing project changes and issues
  4. Effective project communication strategies
  5. Stakeholder management and engagement

Day 5 – Project Closure and Practical Application

  1. Project closure processes and best practices
  2. Conducting post-project evaluations and lessons learned
  3. Transitioning project deliverables to operations
  4. Case study: Applying concepts from the course to a real-world project scenario
  5. Strategies for continuous improvement in project management: life cycle and project planning

By participating in this “Project Management: Life Cycle and Project Planning” training course in Paris, you will gain valuable insights, tools, and techniques that can be applied to improve the success of your projects. We look forward to helping you enhance your project management skills and contribute to the growth and success of your organization.


  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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