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The Professional Media Project Management Course is a comprehensive 5-day training programme designed to equip media professionals with the skills, knowledge, and expertise required to successfully manage and execute media projects. Held in London, this course covers a range of topics, from project planning and scheduling to risk management and evaluation. Participants will learn practical techniques and best practices for delivering high-quality media projects on time and within budget.


Upon completing the Professional Media Project Management Course, participants will be able to:

1. Develop and implement effective media project plans.
2. Manage project schedules, budgets, and resources.
3. Apply risk management techniques to mitigate project uncertainties.
4. Lead and motivate project teams for optimal performance.
5. Monitor, evaluate, and continuously improve media project execution.

The primary objectives of the Professional Media Project Management Course are to:

1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of media project management principles and best practices.
2. Build participants’ skills in planning, executing, and controlling media projects.
3. Offer practical insights and techniques for leading high-performing project teams.
4. Enhance decision-making capabilities in the media project environment.
5. Foster the development of media project management expertise.

Who Should Attend:

The Professional Media Project Management Course is suitable for:

1. Media professionals involved in project management or execution.
2. Project managers working in the media industry.
3. Media producers, directors, and coordinators.
4. Team leads and supervisors overseeing media projects.
5. Individuals seeking to develop or enhance their media project management skills.

5-Day Course Outline:

Day 1: Introduction to Media Project Management

1. Understanding the role of project management in media production.
2. Media project lifecycle and key stages.
3. Essential project management methodologies and frameworks.
4. The role of the media project manager.
5. Establishing project objectives and defining project scope.

Day 2: Planning and Scheduling Media Projects

1. Developing media project plans and timelines.
2. Utilising project management tools and software for scheduling.
3. Resource planning and allocation.
4. Estimating costs and creating project budgets.
5. Setting milestones and monitoring progress.

Day 3: Risk Management in Media Projects

1. Identifying and assessing project risks.
2. Implementing risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans.
3. Managing and adapting to changes in the project environment.
4. Addressing common challenges and issues in media projects.
5. Building a proactive and resilient project management approach.

Day 4: Leading and Motivating Project Teams

1. Building high-performing media project teams.
2. Effective communication and collaboration in media projects.
3. Motivating and managing project team members.
4. Resolving conflicts and fostering a positive work environment.
5. Encouraging creativity and innovation within the project team.

Day 5: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Continuous Improvement

1. Tracking project performance and progress.
2. Employing key performance indicators (KPIs) in media projects.
3. Conducting project evaluations and reviews.
4. Implementing continuous improvement and lessons learned.
5. Closing out media projects and celebrating success.

In conclusion, the Professional Media Project Management Course in London provides an excellent opportunity for participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of media project management principles and best practices.
By mastering the concepts and techniques presented throughout the course, attendees will be well-equipped to lead and execute successful media projects. Join us for this essential training experience and become a skilled practitioner in media project management.


  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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