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Leading Through Change and Innovation is a comprehensive 5-day training course that equips professionals with the essential skills and strategies to lead their teams and organizations through times of change and innovation. This course aims to help leaders effectively manage change, foster a culture of innovation, and maintain high performance during transitional periods.


Upon completing the Leading Through Change and Innovation course, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the principles of effective change management and innovation leadership.
2. Develop strategies for leading teams and organizations through change.
3. Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement within their organizations.
4. Enhance communication and collaboration during times of change.
5. Measure and evaluate the impact of change initiatives and innovation efforts.

The Leading Through Change and Innovation course aims to:

1. Equip participants with the skills and knowledge required for effective change management and innovation leadership.
2. Provide practical tools and techniques for leading teams through change and fostering innovation.
3. Enhance communication and collaboration skills in times of change and uncertainty.
4. Encourage a culture of learning, adaptability, and continuous improvement within organizations.
5. Teach participants to measure the impact of change and innovation initiatives.

Who Should Attend

The Leading Through Change and Innovation course is designed for:
1. Team leaders, managers, and supervisors tasked with leading change and driving innovation within their organizations.
2. Professionals aiming to take on leadership roles that involve change management and innovation.
3. Entrepreneurs interested in fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation within their businesses.
4. Human resource professionals seeking to develop or improve their organization’s change management strategies.
5. Individuals interested in personal and professional growth in the context of leading through change and innovation.

5-Day Course Outline

Day 1: Understanding Change Management and Innovation Leadership

1. Introduction to Leading Through Change and Innovation
2. Key principles of effective change management
3. The role of leadership in driving innovation
4. Understanding the change curve and its implications for leadership
5. Building resilience and adaptability in times of change

Day 2: Leading Teams and Organizations Through Change

1. Assessing the need for change within the organization
2. Developing and communicating a clear change vision and strategy
3. Engaging and empowering team members during change
4. Overcoming resistance to change and addressing concerns
5. Sustaining change and ensuring long-term success

Day 3: Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Continuous Improvement

1. The importance of innovation in today’s business landscape
2. Creating an environment that supports and encourages innovation
3. Identifying opportunities for innovation and improvement
4. Implementing innovative ideas and solutions
5. Encouraging learning and experimentation within the organization

Day 4: Enhancing Communication and Collaboration During Times of Change

1. Effective communication strategies for change management and innovation
2. Building trust and transparency during times of change
3. Promoting collaboration and cross-functional teamwork
4. Utilizing feedback and dialogue to navigate uncertainty
5. Leveraging technology and tools for effective communication

Day 5: Measuring and Evaluating the Impact of Change and Innovation Initiatives

1. Establishing key performance indicators for change and innovation
2. Monitoring and evaluating the progress of change initiatives
3. Assessing the impact of innovation efforts on organizational performance
4. Continuous improvement and refinement of change and innovation strategies
5. Next steps for implementing Leading Through Change and Innovation strategies

By participating in the Leading Through Change and Innovation course, you will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively lead your teams and organizations through change and drive innovation.

  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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