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Leadership and administrative development is a term used to cover a wide range of administrative activities, driven by competition, performance development and increasing the pace of change for the better. Its purpose is to strengthen the capacities of institutions, ministries, organizations, and the people within them, to successfully carry out tasks and achieve specific business outcomes through effective leadership.
This distinguished course from the West European Training Center is offered to those looking to enhance their knowledge of leadership thinking and develop leadership skills and administrative development, for those who work in administrative positions or aspire to administrative work with a great focus on leadership and organizational development.
The course will help you develop and enhance your management skills, reflect on your own practice and gain an excellent understanding of how creating direction and vision through communication, motivation and inspiration can help the growth, success and sustainability of an organization.

Objectives of the leadership and administrative development course 2024

The course aims to provide an opportunity for the trainee to explore the concepts of leadership and administrative development, the nature of leadership and management roles, as well as the impact of developmental inputs on the individual and institutional level.

Among the most important objectives of the course:

Enabling the trainee to understand the impact of organizational culture and strategic change on leadership and management.
The importance of identifying administrative development needs
Methods of developing leadership and management in a group of organizations and institutions
Learn how to plan within organizations and how organizational plans can be affected and affect the functional and administrative milieu.
Raising the level of the trainee’s skill and awareness towards advisory, leadership and organizational thought.
Learn about leadership and management methodologies.
Developing the methodological, practical and ethical skills necessary for administrative development
Improving and developing leadership and administrative practices in the field of management.
Identify the mechanisms and means of leadership work and their impact on the organization.
Managing work teams and activating the participation of employees and workers to achieve the institution’s policy.
Effective persuasion and influence in management and leadership.

Activities and training methods for the course

Training lecture
Practical applications
Panel discussions
– Workshops

Contents of the leadership and administrative development course 2024

Business planning
Allocation of financial resources
The nature of leadership and management roles
The impact of development interventions on the individual and the institution
The relationship between strategy and organizational and national cultures
Economic and social challenges facing modern organizations
Trends and development in management across various sectors
Leadership and development
Development strategy and culture
organizational research
Business planning and finance
Cross border cooperation in management
Concepts of modern management in the year 2024
Concept of leadership and leaders.
Management concepts and effective management
Total quality, its concepts and importance
The importance of total quality in improving job performance.
Kaizen theory and its applications in management and leadership
Quality and comprehensive quality and quality measurement programs
Total quality in departments
The importance of the front stages of creating a successful project
How to choose the right project manager
How to successfully work together in a dedicated project team
How projects are successfully managed in different sectors and contexts
Drafting the project implementation plan
Administrative skills required for a successful leader
The concept of management, its patterns, objectives, problems and ways of controlling it
Understand the organizational structure and the different functions in delivering jobs and projects
The impact of leadership on innovation, management, and retention of a diverse workforce.
Fields of work and job positions in the administration
Practical applications on effective management and leadership
Effective leadership and management applications for the year 2024
Total quality applications for the year 2024

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