West Europe Training دورات تدريبية معتمدة في اوروبا 2023
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Institutions, ministries and companies understand that finding or retaining the best talent is a top priority, which is critical to their success now and in the future.
At the same time, the presence of high-level expertise and extensive vocational and academic training will have a significant impact on job and business growth, expansion and competition.
The International Business Management Course for Human Resources Management offers a wonderful opportunity to acquire large numbers of employees and administrators in the field of human resources to obtain a professional certificate in the field of international business administration, as this course enables trainees to build a successful strategic managerial career, and to develop competencies in a complex and rapidly changing world, Especially in the workplace.

Objectives of the international business administration course for human resource management

The trainee will gain a solid understanding of how and why people work in organizations and companies, and the relevant legal frameworks that govern human resource management.

You will also deepen the trainee’s understanding of how to find, develop and engage the most suitable talent for any organisation.
In addition to acquiring academic skills and knowledge, the trainee will have vocational training designed to develop career plans, improve managerial skills, and increase employability.
Studying at the Western European Center takes a globalized approach, providing the ability to work across cultures and countries anywhere in the world. You will learn to track and adapt to major economic, social and technological changes that require different patterns of thinking and behaviour.

The goals also include:

enhance your ability to embrace business objectives; structure and resources of the organization; and implementing effective strategies.
Being able to know the details and methods of strategic management and leadership
Learn how to better interpret financial reports, and balance risk and investment
We can learn how to use financial data to enrich the strategic decision-making process.
How to make decisions in the field of institutions, ministries and departments in a positive way that motivates people to be positive, especially in the field of change.
Learn how to harness modern human and organizational technologies and capabilities to face challenges and achieve success.
How to deal with people, knowing the competent people, analyzing personalities, determining the best and the best.
How to manage human resources.
How to deal with contradictions in the workplace in different cultures

Activities and training methods for the course

Training lecture
Practical applications
Panel discussions
– Workshops

Contents of the international business course of human resource management

Strategic management
Marketing in a global age
Administrative finance
Leadership in a changing world
Employee Development
Resource and talent management
Global human resource management in practice
Choosing a suitable new employee
Institutions and their types
Quality Management
time management
Delegation skill
action plans
sync and performance
Influencing public opinion and being influenced by it
Periodic evaluation tables
Measurement and correction tables
Resource Management
Talent management
Performance Management
Understanding of employment relations and organizational development
Strategy, leadership and business context
Develop academic business and leadership competencies
Human resources patterns, objectives and functions
Strategic human resources and leadership
Labor relations management
HR strategy management
development and performance strategies
Develop criticism, evaluation and review strategies
The role of human resources in organizations
Improve employee relations

The impact of leadership on innovation, management, and retention of a diverse workforce.
Total quality applications in human resources management during the year 2024

  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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