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Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders is an intensive 5-day training course designed for professionals seeking to develop their leadership skills and cultivate highly effective teams. Participants will gain practical tools and strategies to build, manage, and sustain high-performing teams while enhancing their leadership qualities.


Upon completing the Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders course, participants will be able to:
1. Understand and apply key leadership principles and practices to optimize team performance.
2. Identify and utilize individual team members’ strengths to boost productivity and team cohesion.
3. Effectively manage conflict resolution and enhance communication within the team.
4. Create a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the team.
5. Develop and implement performance evaluation systems to promote accountability and growth.

The Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders course aims to:

1. Enhance leadership skills for the creation and management of high-performing teams.
2. Provide practical tools and techniques to improve team performance and dynamics.
3. Foster a deeper understanding of team members’ motivations and strengths.
4. Teach participants to create and maintain a positive, growth-oriented team culture.
5. Equip leaders with the skills to effectively evaluate and provide feedback to team members.

Who Should Attend

The Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders course is designed for:
1. Team leaders, managers, and supervisors seeking to improve their leadership skills.
2. Professionals aiming to take on leadership roles within their organizations.
3. Entrepreneurs interested in optimizing their team’s performance and overall business success.
4. Human resource professionals seeking to develop or improve their organization’s team-building strategies.
5. Individuals interested in personal and professional growth in the context of team leadership.

5-Day Course Outline

Day 1: Foundations of High-Performing Teams

1. Introduction to Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders
2. Key principles of effective leadership
3. Understanding the stages of team development
4. Building trust and rapport within teams
5. Setting clear expectations and goals for team success

Day 2: Maximizing Individual Strengths and Team Dynamics

1. Identifying and utilizing individual strengths within the team
2. Enhancing communication and collaboration in high-performing teams
3. Fostering creativity and innovation in the team
4. Understanding and managing team diversity and inclusion
5. Delegating tasks effectively and empowering team members

Day 3: Conflict Resolution and Communication

1. Recognizing and addressing sources of conflict within the team
2. Effective conflict resolution strategies for leaders
3. Enhancing communication within high-performing teams
4. Active listening and providing constructive feedback
5. Implementing transparency and openness in team operations

Day 4: Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning and Improvement

1. The importance of continuous learning in high-performing teams
2. Establishing a learning culture within the team
3. Implementing effective coaching and mentoring strategies
4. Encouraging and embracing feedback within the team
5. Utilizing setbacks and failures as learning opportunities

Day 5: Evaluating Performance and Ensuring Accountability

1. Key performance indicators for high-performing teams
2. Developing and implementing performance evaluation systems
3. Providing feedback and performance appraisals
4. Promoting accountability and ownership within the team
5. Action planning and next steps for Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders course

As you progress through the Building High-Performing Teams for Leaders course, you will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to lead your team to success. By implementing the strategies and techniques shared in this training, you will be well-equipped

  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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