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There are many tasks and roles assigned to public relations, which have become horizontally expanding to accommodate many of the tasks that were carried out by other parts of institutions, ministries and companies.
Public relations and its departments, which in the past were an ineffective part of the old administrative systems, have become today the most important pillar in many institutions, ministries and companies, after their positive role in building the institution’s name emerged.

The concept of public relations

Modern concepts of public relations
First: the modern concept of public relations.

Despite the different views of researchers in defining public relations, due to the ramifications of its fields of activities and its absorption of many tasks, we can summarize the modern concepts of public relations by shedding light on some of its basic definitions, including:
1- Public relations is the function of management that evaluates public attitudes, links the organization’s policies with the public interest, and implements programs that gain the public’s trust and support.
2- Public relations is the activity carried out by the administration to gain public confidence by defining its policy by explaining information related to it through appropriate means of communication.
3- Public relations is the function of continuous and planned management by which the organization seeks to gain understanding, sympathy, and influence of the masses of interest to it, and to maintain the continuity of this understanding, sympathy, and positive influence, by measuring public opinion trends to ensure its compatibility with the organization’s policies and activities.
Achieve more creative collaboration and effective performance of common interests with planned comprehensive advertising.
And if these definitions represent the scientific rooting of the concept of public relations, then another aspect is no less important than the scientific aspect, which is the art of public relations, and it represents the personal skill of those involved in public relations activities in practicing their work more efficiently than others. As art depends mainly on talents and personal preparations.
Hence, it can be said that public relations combines science and art. There are practical rules that are applied in the field of public relations, which must be constantly refined by following the scientific method in research, study and thinking.

Why is public relations one of the cornerstones of modern administrative systems?

Factors that created the need for public relations:

1- The emergence of modern democratic systems created interest in analyzing and studying public opinion as an influential force to identify opinions on issues and problems.
2- The diversity of consumer patterns and the complexity of work relations between the worker and the employer necessitated work to gain the influence of the masses.
3- The development of mass communication has contributed to the approximation of distances between the parts of the world until the world has become like a media village, which attracted public relations to contribute to the keenness to gain the support of public opinion.
4- The growth of professional groups and organizations helped correct public opinion trends and became a reliable force.

How does public relations work?

Principles of good public relations:

1- That the goals of public relations do not conflict with the goals of society and the organization and the interests of the clients of the organization as well.
2- Observing accuracy and honesty in performance and not concealing facts from the public.
3- Keeping the secrets of previous clients and the two cases.
4- Supporting all efforts aimed at raising the scientific and technical level of workers in the field of public relations.

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