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In a rapidly changing competitive environment, project management has evolved from a specialized activity into a key process for managing change and innovation and securing success for projects of institutions, ministries and companies.

This course responds to the recent trend in recent years, including 2024, related to work based on engineering projects, and the fact that projects have become complex on a large scale, administratively, technically and technically, in an ever-growing way.

Where managers and engineers at every organizational level need an in-depth understanding of the concepts, techniques and tools needed to manage multidisciplinary teams, to know the project life cycle in all its details, to develop new products, to make the most of all available capabilities, and to achieve success and competition.

Objectives of the engineering project management course 2024

This accredited course is designed for graduate and professional engineers, who have already gained experience in the engineering field, and now wish to develop engineering project management skills, in order to provide strong leadership and contribute to the successful delivery of projects.

The course, which is one of the engineering project management courses in Europe, is designed to prepare the trainee to manage and lead organizational change for projects, and to make the trainee an administrative change manager who is able to lead change, and work flexibly to meet the needs of rapid changes in the pattern of projects, production, and the visions of officials.
We provide trainees with a high-level critical and evaluative view of project management, and provide an adequate understanding of the planning, monitoring and control techniques needed to deliver a highly successful project.

Activities and training methods for the course

Training lecture
Practical applications
Panel discussions
– Workshops

Contents of the engineering project management course 2024

The course includes many important elements and basics to achieve the objectives of the course, and some details may be appropriate according to the nature of the projects that the trainee seeks to work on, and according to the nature of his work. In general, the course includes:
The importance of the front stages of creating a successful project
How to choose the right project manager
How to successfully work together in a dedicated project team
How projects are successfully managed in different sectors and contexts
Drafting the project implementation plan
Introduction to engineering management
Concept, patterns, objectives and problems of engineering management
Understanding the organizational structure and the various functions in engineering project management
The impact of leadership on innovation, management, and retention of a diverse workforce
Fields of work and job positions in engineering projects
Practical applications on engineering management
The concept of professional comprehensive management
Leadership and its types
Institutions and their types
Quality Management
time management
Delegation skill
action plans
sync and performance
Dealing with the media and ways to influence public opinion in a positive way
Periodic evaluation tables
Measurement and correction tables
Engineering management applications during the year 2024

  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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