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The Advanced Communication Techniques for Secretaries training course in Madrid aims to provide secretaries and administrative professionals with the necessary skills to communicate effectively and efficiently in various workplace situations.
This 5-day course covers a wide range of advanced communication topics, from active listening and effective questioning techniques to body language and presentation skills.


Upon completing the Advanced Communication Techniques for Secretaries training course, participants will be able to:

1. Apply active listening and effective questioning techniques.
2. Use body language and non-verbal communication effectively.
3. Manage challenging conversations and handle conflicts professionally.
4. Deliver engaging and persuasive presentations.
5. Adapt communication styles to different situations and diverse audiences.


The primary objectives of the Advanced Communication Techniques for Secretaries training course are to:

1. Enhance participants’ understanding of the importance of advanced communication techniques in their roles as secretaries.
2. Provide practical tools and techniques to improve communication skills in various workplace situations.
3. Enable participants to manage daily challenges effectively and contribute to the success of their organizations through improved communication abilities.

Who Should Attend:

The Advanced Communication Techniques for Secretaries training course is designed for:

1. Secretaries, personal assistants, and administrative professionals looking to enhance their communication skills.
2. Professionals seeking to improve their ability to handle challenging conversations and conflicts.
3. Employees responsible for delivering presentations and managing diverse audiences.
4. Anyone interested in expanding their communication techniques and improving their workplace interactions.

The Outline for the 5-day:

Day 1: Active Listening and Effective Questioning Techniques

1. The importance of active listening in advanced communication.
2. Barriers to effective listening and overcoming them.
3. Types of questions and their applications.
4. Techniques for effective questioning.
5. Listening and questioning in practice: exercises and role plays.

Day 2: Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

1. The role of body language in advanced communication techniques for secretaries.
2. Understanding and interpreting body language cues.
3. Using body language effectively in various situations.
4. Non-verbal communication and its impact on workplace interactions.
5. Practical exercises to improve body language awareness and usage.

Day 3: Managing Challenging Conversations and Conflict Resolution

1. Identifying challenging conversations in the workplace.
2. Techniques for managing challenging conversations effectively.
3. Conflict resolution styles and strategies.
4. Applying advanced communication techniques in conflict resolution.
5. Role plays and scenarios for handling challenging conversations and conflicts.

Day 4: Presentation Skills and Persuasion Techniques

1. The importance of presentation skills in the Advanced Communication Techniques for Secretaries training course.
2. Structuring and preparing effective presentations.
3. Delivering engaging and persuasive presentations.
4. Using visual aids and storytelling techniques.
5. Feedback and practice sessions for improving presentation skills.

Day 5: Adapting Communication Styles to Different Situations and Diverse Audiences

1. Understanding different communication styles and their impact.
2. Adapting communication styles to various situations and audiences.
3. Communicating effectively with diverse teams and individuals.
4. Cultural awareness and communication in a global workplace.
5. Practical exercises and scenarios for adapting communication styles.

In conclusion, the Advanced Communication Techniques for Secretaries training course in Madrid offers participants an excellent opportunity to deepen their understanding of advanced communication techniques and apply them in their daily work.
This 5-day course will empower secretaries and administrative professionals to communicate more effectively, manage challenging situations, and contribute to the success of their organizations. Join us in Madrid for this interactive, hands-on learning experience to enhance your communication skills and advance your career.

  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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