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The Administrative Skills Course for Public Relations Employees 2024 is a comprehensive 5-day training programme designed to provide PR professionals with essential administrative skills for increased efficiency and effectiveness in their roles.
This Manchester-based course focuses on practical tools and techniques that can be immediately applied to daily tasks, helping attendees optimise their workflow and improve overall performance.


Upon completing the Administrative Skills Course for Public Relations Employees 2024, participants will be able to:

1. Implement efficient time management strategies.
2. Enhance communication and collaboration within teams.
3. Employ organisation and planning techniques for project management.
4. Utilise digital tools for improved productivity.
5. Demonstrate improved problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The primary objectives of the Administrative Skills Course for Public Relations Employees 2024 are to:

1. Strengthen participants’ core administrative competencies.
2. Provide practical tools and techniques for improving efficiency and effectiveness.
3. Enhance teamwork and collaboration skills.
4. Foster an environment of continuous improvement and growth.
5. Encourage the development of proactive and resourceful PR professionals.

Who Should Attend:

The Administrative Skills Course for Public Relations Employees 2024 is suitable for:

1. Public relations professionals seeking to improve their administrative skills.
2. Communication officers and managers looking to enhance their efficiency.
3. PR team members aiming to optimise their daily workflow.
4. Administrative support staff working within the public relations field.
5. PR professionals interested in continuous professional development.

5-Day Course Outline:

Day 1: Time Management for PR Professionals

1. Understanding the importance of time management in public relations.
2. Assessing personal time management habits and patterns.
3. Prioritisation techniques for effective task management.
4. Strategies for overcoming procrastination and time-wasting activities.
5. Balancing workloads and managing stress in a fast-paced PR environment.

Day 2: Communication and Collaboration in Public Relations

1. The importance of effective communication in PR administration.
2. Enhancing interpersonal communication skills.
3. Techniques for giving and receiving constructive feedback.
4. Strengthening collaboration within PR teams.
5. Managing conflicts and fostering a positive work environment.

Day 3: Organisation and Planning for PR Projects

1. Principles of project management in public relations.
2. Developing and implementing project plans.
3. Utilising organisational tools for managing PR projects.
4. Monitoring and controlling project progress.
5. Evaluating project success and applying lessons learned.

Day 4: Digital Tools for PR Productivity

1. Overview of digital tools for PR administration.
2. Utilising productivity apps for task management and collaboration.
3. Streamlining document management and storage.
4. Harnessing the power of email and calendar management tools.
5. Exploring industry-specific software and applications for PR professionals.

Day 5: Problem Solving and Decision Making in PR Administration

1. Critical thinking skills for PR professionals.
2. Approaches to problem-solving and decision-making in public relations.
3. Identifying and analysing PR-related problems.
4. Evaluating and selecting the best course of action.
5. Reflecting on decisions and implementing continuous improvement.

In conclusion, the Administrative Skills Course for Public Relations Employees 2024 in Manchester is an excellent opportunity for PR professionals to develop and enhance their administrative skills for improved efficiency and effectiveness in their roles.
By mastering the tools and techniques presented throughout the course, participants will be well-prepared to excel in the dynamic world of public relations. Join us for this comprehensive training experience and take your administrative skills to new heights.

  • This course is available every Monday from 1 April to 30 Des 2023

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